lucifer's secret page.

me irl
- korekiyo shinguuji (drv3) no dbls, no kins
- aesop carl (idv) no dbls, no kins
- eda mesmer (idv) no dbls, kins iffy
- misa amane (death note) no dbls, no kins
- kaworu nagisa (eva) dbls iffy, kins ok

these are psychotic attachments that i have either fully seperated from,
or am in the process of doing so.

dbls and kins are fine, these characters are not me. just try not to bring it up to me directly.

- kanai kanae (i wanted to be hurt by love)
- richie tozier (it)
- xiao (genshin)
- being undead/a zombie
- a dog

- insectz // bugs
- the names miles nd milo
- the anime sk8 the infinity
- the anime bnha
- the youtuber sapnap
- the idv character andrew kreiss
- negative talk abt weight


- the cartoon miraculous ladybug
- the names andi, spud, nd val
- eating disorders

Animated Rainbow Nyan Cat